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In this episode, we're discussing Philosophy
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Hi team,

happy you’re here today! This is #17 of decoding success thinking (dst). Let’s get right into it.

the question

When I look around in my circle of like-minded maniacs, in work and peer groups, I recognize a discrepancy between being valuable and being perceived as valuable.

People who are the most skilled aren’t necessarily the ones perceived as most skilled.

Why is that?

the solution/the answer

It’s because they lack essential skills besides the ones they already have.

The skill of communication.

Communication is a high-leverage skill, that defines what value others perceive in you & your work.

Want to get a better job?

Communicate better.

Want to have higher-value relationships?

Communicate better.

Want to make more money?

Communicate better.

Communication defines your perceived ability, and with that, your actual ability.

Quick story-time:

When I first launched my agency service and tried to sell it, I hit a dead end.

It seemed like I could never make a sale.

“It is because my service isn’t good enough, I’m not providing enough value”, I thought.

So in order to create a better offer, I looked at services others had to offer.

And realized they weren’t better in terms of quality or delivery.

What they were better at, though, was communicating their value to others.

You oftentimes see it in how people interact with others.

Think of the most social friend you know:

How capable do others think them to be?


What they see is all there is:

Your perceived value stands in direct relation to your ability to communicate it.

your action step

Communicate more.

Only by doing it, by refining what you say, by reframing things to optimize for clarity, you figure out the right message and the right way to articulate it.

a philosophical joke

A philosopher is a person who knows less and less about more and more until he knows nothing about everything.



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