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Life is about choices.

Especially when you are young, your choices seem to be immeasurably important to your well being.

Do we join the party? Do we go out once again? Do we choose pleasure over progress?

I used to struggle with FOMO a lot (Fear of missing out). I rapidly changed how I behaved in 2019, from being present at every party, to being retracted and focused.

Thus my feeling of missing out on great stories grew and grew.

I then adopted the 90% Rule, which is part of “Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less”. I evaluate every opportunity I encounter from 0-90% with extreme criteria such as: “Is this something that brings me further?” or “Do I experience true joy doing this?”. If one of these criteria is less than 90%, it’s instantly equal to 0% and I don’t do it.

Present-time example: All of my friends have concert tickets for an event happening in a few months. I evaluated the opportunity with the above-named criteria and both were well under 90. As the event date approaches, everyone talks about it and fronts me for not being there. My FOMO level rises.

What I need to do now is to be aware of the fact that such decisions will compound and create more value for my life than any event ever will.

Trust the process, choose wisely.

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