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What you are searching for is peace. The feeling of knowing that more or less, things are okay. Knowing that if I die tomorrow, it’s alright.

How do we get there? Well, the more we dig, the more we question everything, the more truth we will find. That’s what I learned throughout the last few months. Truth sounds good, doesn’t it? Let me tell you, It’s not. It’s sad, it’s devastating, absurd, and not at all what you think it should be. Truth is always the as-is state at a given moment in time. If you find yourself frustrated, it is only because your wish-state of circumstances does not align with the as-is state.

It is, to some extent crying and laughing at the same time. You just know that it’s messed up, while also knowing it is what it is. Who are you to change that?

As you grow up and you dare to question a lot, you will sooner or later agree on the fact that your life doesn’t matter much. But it’s everything you have. So don’t mess it up. That’s a truth for example. Is it nice? Does it feel good & make you happy? No.

Now let’s switch up a bit.

Discovering the truth does not mean peace. Accepting truth does. That’s where you’re in control.

Here are 3 Commandments I live by. To discover and accept the truth.

1 – Judge like a child

Think of everything a neutral. To a tree, there is nothing bad nor good. It is what you see it. Deny what your parents told you is good or bad. Deny what you wish to be true. If possible, judge empirical.

2 – Take a step back

You’re always in the dirt. Working and struggling, going out. You lose sight. You overjudge circumstances in a short term context. Do you really think that the current event won’t ever let you be happy again?

3 – Adjust

In some cases, when you try to accept certain circumstances because you’re in a dilemma of action vs acceptance, then there is often very little rational reason to accept. This often occurs when you want to have it all and don’t want to make trade-offs. Sometimes, truth should be your incentive to act and change, and not to accept. As long as you have that opportunity, acting is better than accepting.

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