a framework for not giving up

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As we scroll through social media daily, we see all these individuals we admire. Personalities we want to emulate in one way or another. This dude is better at creating videos. She makes so much more money. He has so many more followers.

We wrap our heads so much about getting better, that we forget to do what makes us better. The work.

You and I are both guilty of drowning ourselves in doubt of our capabilities, questioning the path we are taking and feeling passed by all these successful people.

What we all like to forget is that the characters we look up to have shown up every day: creating and promoting their craft. 

Let’s have a thought experiment. 

Go back two years from now. Who were you? What did you do on this exact date two years ago? Look at photos. Research your documents.

It is very unlikely that you are still the same person and that you have the same thoughts. And that my friends, is the only metric that counts. 

You in the past vs. you in the now.

With that, you immediately know that the struggle you are going through is not worthless and that you are constantly coming closer to your desired state. Keep that in mind.

I know you’ve heard that before. So here are some actionable tips on fighting thoughts that hold you back from creating.

1 – Stop comparison

It is only natural to compare ourselves to peers that move the same direction. But as we are not completely rational creatures, we like to oversee the fact that there can not be a comparison, which the result of makes any sense. Due to the simple fact that nobody is 100% the same.

So instead of rewiring your mind, try to reduce the inputs that make you feel small. Spend less time on social media. That’s a key for me. 

2 – Use it as a cue

This one, in particular, has helped me a lot. Instead of letting the impression of one’s success pull you down, let it trigger your ambition. Think to yourself: “And now is the time to create.” Close what you consume. Headphones on. Go.

In that case, the comparison might be healthy, as long as you channel it in competitive thinking and use it as fuel to action.

Keep in mind that it is a process of growing steadily. Everybody who is striving for a different state feels similar. There will always be people that are ahead and some that are behind you. Just focus on your own steps and success will be assured. Show up daily. Do the work and it will eventually compound.   

A lesson I need to relearn regularly.

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