how to create luck

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the conflict

Sometimes, we see others receive a new opportunity.

A new option, that gets them further in life.

“lucky him”, we think.

Why did he or she get the opportunity you’ve been waiting for too?

What has luck actually to do with the paths that open themselves up for us?

Luck is one of the most misunderstood concepts in society and it’s more tangible than we think. We can even create luck, as much as we want to.

That way, others will think “lucky him”, while you’ll rest calmly, knowing that you are in control of your “luck”. Here is how:

the answer

We think of luck as something that happens to us randomly.

Actually, luck happens to us by choice.

@Naval Ravikant differentiates between so-called “blind luck” and so-called “luck from persistence“.

Blind luck is the luck that society accepted as the definition for luck.

It’s the coin you find on the streets or the bus that arrived 5 mins late when you did too.

Luck from persistence is the form of luck we can control.

It’s created by you running around, creating opportunities, and doing things that increase your reputation, visibility, or skill.

It’s the musician that gets featured because he published 163 songs within two years.

It’s the boy that gets to move to Berlin to work at a startup as head of marketing (that’s me btw – sorry for flexing), just because he reached out to a ton of people, building strong relationships.

But even those outcomes are seen by others as sheer blind luck.

It’s not.

It’s created luck – and you can choose to create it for yourself, too.

your action step

Start something that creates and attracts luck for you.

Publish your work online.

Reach out to others in your industry or the city you want to live in.

Learn to be persuasive.

Grow your skillset.

Create, create, create and luck will find you.

a philosophical joke to make you laugh

What do local philosophy clubs have? Free why-fi.

(disclaimer: it won’t be funnier next time either.)

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